Welcome to Tall Studios, the creators of the Shoot 'Em Up Kit, which allows users to create their own professional quality videogames with just a few clicks of a mouse.


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The shoot 'em up kit allows you to create your own professional quality 2D or 3D shoot ‘em up using a powerful graphics and audio engine. 
A simple game can be created in under a minute while lighting, camera views, behaviours, physics settings, shaders, particle effects and AI can be created and modified to fine-tune a complex game. 
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The Shoot Em Up Kit is now available for £29.95 (approx US$48).

We have big plans for the Shoot ‘Em Up Kit in 2014. We will be expanding our website so that you can promote the games you create using the Shoot ‘Em Up Kit. We are improving our forums and use of social media. The Shoot ‘Em Up Kit is being improved to add new features and run more efficiently. We will also be launching the Multiplatform version which targets iOS, Android, Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 (amongst others).
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